FRIGO TECNICA Internazionale S.p.A. was founded in 1981 and, over the years, has gained a leading role in the Italian industrial system.

The company was born from the ability, developed since 1974, in refrigeration systems on board of ships for ocean fishing, which at the time abounded in the port of San Benedetto del Tronto.

In 1987 the Partners decided to dedicate themselves to the refrigeration plants on land, which was the best choice considering the progressive decline of ocean fishing in the local harbor.

At its beginnings FRIGO TECNICA Internazionale S.p.A. dealt mainly with installation works and gained great experience in the management of site problems. Within a few years FRIGO TECNICA Internationale S.p.A. created its own technical department which was able to carry out internally the executive design of industrial refrigeration plants.

In the following years FRIGO TECNICA Internazionale S.p.A. increased its competence in this field, managing numerous projects in Italy and abroad, with orders worth up to 40 million euros.

The first realization “turn-key” of a plant for frozen products dates back to 1990. FRIGO TECNICA Internazionale S.p.A. is therefore able to offer itself as the sole responsible for the realization of the work as a whole, taking, in addition to the responsibility of refrigeration equipment that have always been the core business, that of civil works, structural, insulation and various systems of establishment.

Since 1996 Frigo Tecnica International has dealt with the production of refrigeration plants and the production of components for the refrigeration industry such as screw compressor units, chiller units, industrial air coolers, special systems such as hydro-coolers, vacuum-coolers and continuous freezing tunnels IQF in plastic film. The skill of its staff has grown over the years, up to the creation of compression units with engines up to 2,200 kW of power and refrigeration systems completely made in the workshop for over 10 million euros.

In the 2000s FRIGO TECNICA Internazionale S.p.A., now leader on Italian territory, has expanded its target market to the foreign countries with particular reference to the Middle East, South America and North Africa.

In addition to the food industry, Frigo Tecnica Internazionale has an internal division specializing in the development and realization of projects in the Pharmaceutical, Marine, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical.


Frigo Tecnica Internazionale