Food Processing

Milk products

Milk products risk contamination from bacteria and odours, and re-contamination during the phases of preservation and transformation, before they reach the consumer’s table. In this delicate area, Frigo Tecnica pays close attention to the risks involved with the use of technology and methods that do not conform to the strict sanitary regulation that govern the sector. This sense of responsibility, coupled with years of experience and highest level of competence, has always produced excellent results.


One of the most delicate aspects of the sector’s production system is certainly to maintain the freshness and organic characteristics of meet during processing, stocking and transport.
To meet market demand adequate and satisfactory, FRIGO TECNICA Internazionale S.p.A.  designs and creates meat production and preservation sites in which genuineness and freshness of the final product are ensured by advanced technology.

Fruits and vegetables

The challenge of slowing the biological processing in fruits and vegetable and of lengthening the life of their nutritional values is a key requirement for any operator in the sector.
In this area, FRIGO TECNICA Internazionale S.p.A. efficiently applies specific systems and methods to create proper conditions for maintaining the nutritional value and organic properties of fresh produce so that they can be consumed out of season. FRIGO TECNICA Internazionale S.p.A. boasts ample ability in solving specific problems in the areas of flowers and plants, tropical and dried fruits.


Fish, most of all, is subjected to a fast decay and requires particular attention. The refrigeration techniques must allow the processing and preservation in the best possible conditions. FRIGO TECNICA Internazionale S.p.A., thanks to an experience of over 40 years in the fishing industry, is able to develop specific projects to get the highest quality standards for any type of fish product, be it fresh or frozen at lower temperatures as the tuna at -60º C.